This is boiling a pretty substantial marketing endeavor into two pretty simple concepts, but it is important for the basis of this post.  Attack point 1 can be achieved by following some common concepts.   However, Attack point 2, creating a social media network, and understanding how to leverage individual platforms, takes a tremendous amount of time and study.

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23 Jul 2014 Wednesday
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I'm really enjoying this on my mobile phone with a few friends.  When it comes time to get cell phones for the kids...they will definitely be installing this!  Google maps on my phone isn't as cool as the Sprint Navigation program which give me verbal turn by turn instructions, but I like it better for its ease of use when wanting more than street data. Especially when I'm sailing and am interested more in the geography.  Now I have one more reason to like google maps.  They've just included LATITUDE, a bit of technology that allows us to share our location with friends.


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I'm often frequently asked what FAQ stands for.  It seems like the answer to this question should be the first listed on any FAQ ("Frequently asked Questions". )  Here is an example of an FAQ which is displayed in a list style.

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